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Oil Corporations and the World Market for Petroleum Products.
This would include refineries, tankers fleet, petrochemical facilities, service stations and properties around the world.
QATAR - Peninsula in eastern Arabia wich streches 130 m. into the Persian Gulf. Qatar is in exclusive treaty relations with the U.K. agreed 1916. The discoveries of rich petroleum deposits soon after the second world war, gave tons annually. The capital is Doha and the oil terminal at Umm Said is being developed as a port.
BAHRAIN / BAHREIN - (bahran). Group of Islands in the Persian Gulf, 20 m. East of the Arabian Coast. On the largest Island, also called Bahrein is the capital Manama. Bahrein has been inhabited for 5,000 years. The Arabs seized it in the 7 th century. It was occupied by Portugal 1521-1602, after which it was disputed by various countries until in 1861 the ruling sheikh placed it under British protection. Long famous for its pearls, it became an important centre of production and refining of petroleum after the discovery here of this mineral in 1932. Bahrein planned to join the Federation of the Arab Emirates (q.v.) Persia abandoned claims to the reversion of soverign rights in Bahrein in 1970.
source: Hutchinson

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